Hello and welcome!  At the time of writing this I am living in Brisbane in beautiful sub-tropical Queensland – it’s early spring and the temperature ranges between 14 and 26 degrees centigrade. My one companion is a cat who chooses to live in the same house … you know what cats are like! I was born in Bristol and came to Australia with my parents and sister as assisted passage migrants when I was 9 years old. They called us “ten pound tourists” because that is what it cost to pack up a few possessions and get on a boat to come make a new life in a strange land; ten pound! I still have a large extended family – my father came from a long line of big families – scattered across the South West of England who I keep in touch with on Facebook! It’s a lot easier now that we’re not restricted to writing letters! I have been married twice and am happy to say that both ex’s are among my closest friends. I have not been fortunate enough to have any children. I have lived a life, and along the way have traveled around the world at least once and am more than happy to take any opportunity to get on a plane going anywhere new! I started my career managing the business, contractual and HR function of a project group in a large organisation which developed and built multi-million dollar building and engineering projects. While I was there I had a fantastic time and made friends who have lasted to this day. In the late eighties I decided I needed a change and pooled my available resources to buy a restaurant; a small up market french establishment in Melbourne, … worked my arse off 16 hours a day 6 days a week, achieved some great reviews from the food critics …. and then ran into a recession we all had to have! Long story short; I walked away with $120 in my pocket and today’s equivalent of a million dollar debt! Big lesson learned! No, actually several big lessons learned!! Since then I have reinvented myself, first as an IT Manager and then as a Trainer, Training Developer and Change Agent. I plan, design, develop and deliver training packages and courses in Management, Project Management, Change Management, Information Technology, Web Development, Most of the Microsoft Products and a range of bespoke packages for applications and processes for various clients. I’m good at what I do and I have to say that I am happiest when someone comes to me after a training session and says “That was great, you explained it in terms I understood and I can use what you’ve given us to improve how I do my job!” For the last twenty odd ears I’ve been following online marketers; ever since I stumbled across Corey Rudl – who remembers him now? – and Kevin Wilke’s Nitro Marketing, and started investigating how these guys were doing it. Along the way I’ve been paying attention to folks like Armand Morin, Matt Bacek, Paul Counts and Eric Holmlund, Russell Brunson, Saj P and now John Thornhill, – and a whole hoard of the usual charlatans and snake oil salesmen – but apart from collecting a bunch of domain names and a few ineffectual web sites along the way I haven’t, until now, done anything about building my own business. That isn’t to say that I haven’t used the knowledge I’ve gained to run some pretty impressive email marketing campaigns for companies that I’ve worked for but when you’re already earning six figures doing something that you love doing there doesn’t seem to be a lot of urgency in spending the extra time and effort … until reality starts knocking! I don’t regret the choices I’ve made through my life and career and I’ve always tried to be fair and ethical in what I do and how I deal with other people but I’ve made some personal choices that have left me in a position where I’m looking down the barrel of a retirement plan that is far from ‘happily ever after’! So I’m taking the step and bringing it here; signed up to the Partnership to Success program so that I’ve got a plan and mentors to talk to while I get up and running. What you’ll see me doing is using the skills and knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the years to do what I do best; put together information, courses and products that will help you on your journey too. I trust John, Dave and Randy! They are honest and ethical people who will treat you with respect and help you if you pay attention, people who are very valuable to have in your corner! Please feel free to get in touch – either through this site or, if you’re in Brisbane, come see me in person – and check back regularly as I build and populate this blog with tools that I find useful and productive To your Happiness and Prosperity Mark   Whether you think you can or can’t you’re right! – Henry Ford