I’m prepared to bet that – switching back and forth
between letters and numbers like that – multitasking sl
owed you down!

Working like that you couldn’t match the combined time it took when you completed one task at a time!

So why is that?

Every time you shift your focus your brain needs to catch up.
Now that may mean just a couple of microseconds with simple tasks like that test we’ve just run but the more complex the task the longer the lag.
Every one of those lags is a fraction of empty, unproductive time that you are adding into the task.

So the next time you find yourself texting, reading emails, scanning Facebook and Twitter … while you’re ‘working’ … remember you are adding microsecond slices of unproductive bloat to the time it takes to finish the task you are working on.

And perpetuating the multitasking myth!

To your Prosperity!

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